Top Resources to help during the coronavirus pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has not been kind to any of us with the constant worry and anxiety of the virus influencing our lives in so many ways. The fear for our safety is completely justified, but yet the world still revolves around the sun and as such there are bills to pay. The Covid 19 pandemic has practically negatively affected every single business and industry in the world. It has made an already anxiety fuelled process of job hunting even more anxiety-inducing as job seekers have come to realize there are a lot fewer opportunities available now than there were just a couple of years ago.


This does not mean that the process to find a job is futile and hopeless but rather a more significant amount of effort must be put into it. Job seekers can no longer just leisurely take their time and apply to places hoping to get a callback but must work harder and smarter than ever before in their job search. Employment opportunities are still available but job seekers may have to shift their job preferences to those that are in demand today. 


One of the first things a job seeker has to do even before the pandemic is to create a great resume. This is extremely important for people trying to find a job as resumes display their qualifications, credentials, accolades, work experience and so on which the employer needs in order to make a hiring decision. A good resume is invaluable for job seekers as it allows them to stand out from others who are seeking jobs. A resume is the first interaction an employer has with the person looking for a job


During the pandemic where most job types have downsized due to a lack of demand or other budgeting issues, one of the few jobs where the demand has increased is the delivery industry. Delivery jobs for both packaging companies and restaurant deliveries have increased due to most people being restricted to their homes, therefore the demand for parcels of items and food for restaurants from the comfort of their homes has increased. Another perk associated with the delivery job during the Covid 19 pandemic is that social distancing measures can be followed during the job. Companies and apps like Amazon, Doordash, Instacart, Uber eats, and restaurants like dominoes and pizza john are actively hiring. 


Retail stores are receiving a much higher demand for orders during the pandemic. Retail stores of all sizes need new workers to deal with the surge of orders. Even when the country starts to open up there will be a higher than the normal number of customers who need to use retail stores and therefore they need to hire retail workers. During the height of the pandemic, retailers have had to use online portals and options to deal with customers who ordered items online and then sent them to them through delivery personnel. Research has shown even when the country reopens to full capacity these habits from the customers of retail shops are here to stay and therefore is a great opportunity for those job hunting. Target and Walmart are some examples of retail stores for a person looking for a job.


Similar to retail grocery stores and wholesale retail shops are another avenue for job seekers who want a job to pay bills or just receive income. These types of stores are trying to remain open through these uncertain times and they need the workers to do so.  During the Covid 19 pandemic people are much more likely to stay at home to avoid contracting the virus and endangering themselves or their families. Grocery and retail shops have to respond to a never-before-seen demand that would cripple their existing workforce. To meet these demands they have to hire at a huge volume to meet the demands that come from all demographics. The customers have shifted to online and digital forms of order which may become the new normal even if the country reopens. The labor shortages in the industry during this period job seekers have a great opportunity to capitalize on it. Grocery and retail stores like Harris Teeter, Wegmans, Kroger, Aldi, and Safeway are great for job hunting.


In these tough times, it is only appropriate that we look to one another for support and help that will get us through this. Now one of the ways people around us can help is through job referrals. Job referrals are a great way for someone who wants to find a job. Job referral is a way for companies and businesses to hire new employees through their own employees. They depend on their employees to recommend someone they know who can fulfill the role or position vacant in the company. In a pandemic with everyone applying for the same employment opportunities and the competition being so high, it is good to have someone on the inside rooting for you. This is what referral programs provide job seekers. These programs also provide incentives of various kinds to those who do the referrals. 


Support is extremely essential during the Covid 19 pandemic and the resources provided above can help a person get through these trying times. Job search are hard but with people needing a job to support themselves the resources above can help a person on how to find a job


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